Continuing Education Credit for OPCA Members

OPCA seeks to provide continuing education credit for OPCA members whenever possible. OPCA files for CE credit with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Washington Dept. of Agriculture and Oregon Certified Home Inspector Program. 

ODA Rule Change: Signatures Mandatory on Class Rosters (October 1, 2015)

Credit will only be granted to people who sign the sheets. If you forget to sign the sheet no credit can be granted because there will no longer be a process at ODA to appeal for credit. OR_Dept_Ag_CE_Rules_Oct_1_2015.pdf

Pesticide Topics Eligible for CE Credit: Topics that qualify for recertification include educational topics directly relating to almost any aspect of pest control may be considered for accreditation. Some examples would include:

 - Pesticide label updates and label comprehension
 - Pesticide health and environmental safety
 - Effects of pesticides on the environment, environmental factors affecting pesticide use and performance
 - Characteristics of pests, symptoms of pest infestation and damage recognition
 - Pesticide product information, including mode of action, environmental fate, etc. (no sales or promotions)
 - Application equipment, techniques, and calibration
 - Drift prevention and/or mitigation measures
 - Oregon and Federal pesticide laws and regulations

OPCA submits an outline so ODA can assess the amount of relevant pesticide information in each presentation. Some topics do not qualify, these include marketing, business management, etc.

ODA CORE Credit: ODA has a class of credits relating specifically to "Private Applicator Standards of Competence", also called Core credit. At least 4 units of instruction are required on topics including IPM, Label comprehension, Calibration (math and equipment), Laws (environmental, HAZMAT, worker protection, pollinator protection, drift prevention, ground water protection, etc.), and Personal Safety.

OCHI Credit: Contractors in Oregon can qualify for OCHI / CCB Credits through OPCA which is an approved association to provide CCB credits. Certified Home Inspectors must earn 30 CEU’s every 24 months. Approved OCHI credit: Home inspection, report writing, communication skills, business practices, legal issues, ethics, building codes, mold and WDO, Conditions Conducive to, Mold, and Identifying Common Wood Destroying Organisms. Not approved: Testing for Mold, classes on Pesticide Applications. Please keep this certificate for your records. Attach an agenda with course titles and presenters.

ODFW Credit: The new WCO license requirements can be met with many of the OPCA seminar topics. A sign in sheet will be available at the meetings for WCO credit. ODFW requires 12 hours every 2 years. Here's where you can get your hours:

ODFW spring seminar: Approx 6 hours available. This event is held in Salem.

Reading articles: 1/4 hour credit for each article you read.

OPCA seminars: We will identify topics that earn credit. Turn in the agenda from the seminar or contact OPCA for a copy of the outline of the class that qualified. Generally, classes on birds, moles, gophers, bats and other critters qualify. However, classes on rats and mice may not qualify for full credit. That is being determined.

Online classes: 

Bats 1 hr (ecology): Click HERE

Beavers 1 hr: Click HERE

Bats (declining populations) 1 hr: Click HERE

Thanks to Luke Wolkenhauer at Summit Pest control for these tips!

CCB Elective Credit: Contractors in Oregon can qualify for CCB Elective Credits for OPCA events. Qualifying topics include safety trainings, business training, trade association topics, other construction related licenses or certifications.

Virtual Meetings Attendance Policy: 

Attendees of OPCA virtual meetings must adhere to the following methods to ensure verification of attendance. Some of these guidelines come from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

  • Meetings will be conducted in Zoom Meetings either as a webinar or a live session.
  • Attendees will receive a meeting announcement with Zoom registration and day of meeting log in information.
  • Attendees must register for the Zoom session individually with their full name (first name, middle initial, last name) and ODA license number.
  • Each attendee must be on their own device (laptop, tablet, computer).
  • Attendees must be present for the entire session. Note, this may before the entire morning’s session and entire afternoon session, not for just each speaker.
  • The OPCA meeting host will verify attendance for each session by taking roll call from the log in data and during the middle of the presentation.
  • A list of attendees will be downloaded from Zoom for use in verifying attendance.



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