Hiring a Qualified Pest Professional

The Oregon Pest Control Association offers advice for finding a reputable service company
Discovering you have a pest problem in your home or business can be bothersome, let alone the added
stress of finding a reputable pest control company to solve your problem. With a little homework and
guidance, you can easily find a qualified professional to do the job.

Anytime you entrust a service provider to come to your home or business, you run the risk of potentially
dealing with someone who may not have your best interest or well-being at heart. Anyone can put a
magnet sign on their truck and call themselves a service provider. The Oregon Pest Control Association
would like to offer these guidelines for selecting a pest control professional:

• Ask your neighbors, friends and family. They will be honest with you about a company they
have had experience with at their home or business.

• Inquire as to how long the company has been in the Pest Management industry Ask if the
company is licensed and insured. Make sure that all technicians are state certified.

• Does the company participate in continuing education? This shows their commitment to the
industry by updating themselves with the latest knowledge available. Knowledge combined with
cutting edge technology and experience are the key essentials of effective pest management.

• Does the company representative appear professional and is the vehicle clean and well equipped?
Is he/she able to answer your questions? If not, does he/she offer to find the answer for you?

• Will the technician be available for questions before, during and/or after the application?

• Don’t let the lowest price be your only deciding factor in choosing a pest management company.
It could truly cost you thousands later.

• Is the company a member in good standing of the Oregon Pest Control Association and the
National Pest Management Association? To find out, you can contact the OPCA office at

• Contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture at 503-986-4635 to be sure the company is fully
licensed, insured and free from violations.

• Contact the Oregon Department of Justice/Consumer Hotline at their toll-free number
1-877-877-9392. They can inform you about any complaints that have been filed

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