Membership in OPCA is a Sound Investment

The Oregon Pest Control Association is a non-profit organization comprised of pest control operators, home inspectors, and affiliated industries. New member application: OPCA Member Application 2023-24.pdf

Benefits Include:

  • Three general membership business meetings per year.
  • Members receive a reduced cost for additional per attendees for OPCA recertification seminars.
  • Reduced rates for OPCA members MORE than make up for your dues every year.
  • Crack & Crevice E-news.  
  • Consumers can search and find your company on our website.
NPMA Member Benefits Brochure: NPMA 2023 Joint Membership Brochure.pdf

The OPCA membership year is July 1—June 30. 

OPCA Membership Categories:

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Includes pest control companies who are also "joint states" members of the National Pest Management Association. OPCA's board of directors voted to increase dues in 2024. For most companies, the increase is $25 per year (those under $500,000 in sales). OPCA's dues rates for 2024-2025 are as follows:

Sales Level OPCA Dues Rate (+ NPMA Joint States Dues*)

$500,000 or less $250 (+ NPMA Dues)

$501 k – $999,999 $300 (+ NPMA Dues)

$1 million - $1.5 million $500 (+ NPMA Dues)

$1.5 million – $2 million $600 (+ NPMA Dues)

$2 million + $700 (+ NPMA Dues)

*The dues structure to NPMA is available on the application form on the OPCA website.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Includes any person, firm, corporation or other organization who is interested in the welfare of the pest control industry. Most common members are Home Inspectors in this category. OPCA awards OCHI credits for its seminars. The dues rate is $250 per year

ALLIED MEMBERSHIP: This category is for suppliers (vendors). Allied members receive significant discounts on exhibit tables and event sponsorships. Also, some sponsor categries are only available to allied members. The dues rate is $250 per year

OPCA Procedures for New Member Applications:

Preserving and promoting the ethical integrity of our industry is of upmost importance to OPCA. To achieve these objectives, all new member applications are handled in the following manner, pursuant to our bylaws:

Member candidates are reviewed with the Oregon Department of Justice, CCB and Oregon Department of Agriculture making sure License and insurance are current and for any License violation or civil penalties issued. The member application is posted to the membership for (15) days after receiving application for comment. Prior membership (re-instatement of membership) is up to one year. The OPCA board of directors has an additional (15) days past the membership opportunity to comment period to gather and verify all information on application(s)and vote. In the event an application is not approved, the applicant must wait one year to re-apply for membership.

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Email, G. Harvey Gail, MBA: Executive Director

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