Environmental Stewardship

As members of the Oregon Pest Control Association, we put people first. The very nature of our business is to alter the environment to protect the health, welfare and well being of our customers. That is why we pledge our commitment to the following environmental statement. As members of the Oregon Pest Control Association, we pledge ...

To openly and honestly answer questions from customers regarding procedures and materials.

To make every attempt, when choosing products or procedures, to choose those which provide the maximum benefit with the least environmental impact.

Wherever possible, to use education along with habitat and environmental modification as an alternative to the application of pesticides.

To take a proactive role in environmental health and safety issues as they pertain to pest control.

To maintain an open dialogue with the communities in which we work to foster a greater understanding of our mutual challenges and commitments.

To protect our renewable and nonrenewable resources through re cycling and responsible waste management.

We pledge our commitment to the above ... because it matters to all of us!

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Email, G. Harvey Gail, MBA: Executive Director

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